Download Android and Windows version here:

You can switch anytime between 3 main modes:

Manual: (aka Acro Mode) with full 6 DOF control where you can tumble and fly upside down (if Bi-Directional throttle is also activated). It needs time to master the flight, recommended for Simulations.

Fly-By-Wire: It acts as a real FBW system, you still fly the same realistic physics but the script modulates your input to avoid tumbling and it Auto Stabilizes the drone if you leave the controls. With Hover-Throttle activated you still get a very realistic feeling but it's much easier to flight (You can still tumble but only if you hit hard on something)

Arcade: With both Bi-Directional and Hover-Throttle activated you get a model that Anyone can Easily Fly. Good for Cinematic FlightAction-Arcade GameStyle or even for just exploring a large Tech-Demo scene where you don't want your player to focus on actually controlling the Drone itself.

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Very cool really feels like your flying a drone!

I can't wait to attach some guns on it :p