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A Realistic Simulation with Advanced Ballistics Dynamics. 


***Attention!! This game is NOT a mainstream FPS. It is a SIMULATION focused on including real effects and challenges that comes together when shooting a Real Firearm that is usually not present in mainstream FPSs. So, for hardcore gamers, prepare yourself for a new challenge! 

There are no "instant laser rays" coming out from your eyes as fake bullets, this simulation consists of a Real Physics bullet coming out from the gun's barrel, following a Parabolic/Ballistic Trajectory, so, you will have to deal with parallax effects when aiming and much more, like spinning motion, air drag, drift, bullet instability, spiral movement effect, etc... For longer distance shots these effects becomes even more noticeable and affects the real point of impact. You will have a hard time trying to hit something at 300 meters if you use a pistol, but with assault rifles that gets achievable, but it's not easy! You will have to master the specific weapon's behavior before you could hit a Bullseye at such long ranges!


The Bullet Dynamics calculations and Weapon's behavior includes:

  • Highly sensitivity aiming method with Parallax effect on the sights.
  • Bullet mass, spin, instability along trajectory, muzzle speed, barrel length, weapons's weight, rate of fire, aiming oscillation and more…
  • Real-time internal calculation values based on real data from the Bullets and Weapons manufacturers. Properties/characteristics are inserted into the internal game Database used for calculation, giving each weapon a particular and unique behavior.
  • Includes effects like Bullet Drop, Spin Drift, Wind Drift and natural oscillations/randomization that occurs between each shot, affecting all the basics variables like muzzle velocity, projectile mass, and so on…
  • Operating mode influences behavior, like the small delay for the shot after pressing the trigger on Open Bolt guns and Double Action revolvers (Includes Gas operated, open bolt, closed bolt, blow-back, double action, single action, etc…).
  • Each Gun shot sound corresponds to the real gun being fired (instead of generic gunshot sound effects).
  • Play SandBox mode with any weapons or target!

New Physics Targets on the shooting range:

Available Weapons in this edition:



(SPACE) or (G) = Wield Weapon Up/Down + Lock Mouse Cursor
(Left Mouse) = Shoot - (or interact when not holding weapon)
(Right Mouse) = Toggle Aim-mode (Hold for overlook)
(Q) or (E) = Pick Up/Interact
(R)= Reload
(T)= Toggle Target/Spotter View On/Off
(F)= Change Fire Mode when available (Single - Burst - FullAuto)
(Tab)= Lock/Unlock cursor
(H)= Clear bullet holes
(O) = Pause Menu


If you like this ever growing project, then kindly support me by donating or sharing this project page, so I can pay a good artist for a High definition and Fully Detailed weapons models!     (I want to include player custom adjustable sights and also a close-up mode were you will be able to click and interact with the gun's buttons, bolt, handles and sights in a realistic way.)

Stay Tuned for other upcoming editions under development!

Rate and Leave you FeedBack!


WebVersion here: Play on Browser Here!

Get the FullPack version with  with Customizable Controls, both Indoor/Outdoor scenario, all 40 weapons available and Sniper Scopes here:

Weapons Simulator- Full Pack

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreSimulation, Shooter
Tags3D, Destruction, First-Person, Physics, Sandbox, War


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Weapons Simulator_Windows_1.7.20181219-OutDoor.zip 40 MB
Weapons Simulator_Linux_1.7.20181219-OutDoor.tar.gz (32 and 64) 52 MB
WepSim_Android_2.5.9.210817AL 49 MB

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It would be better with gel dolls


I'm working on that for Weapons Simulator 2 :)

It's not ready yet but there is a video preview of the work in progress:


(1 edit)

its okay in some aspects , but first I'm going to get the cons out of the way. no reload animations, the cinematic view is super SUPER annoying, the graphics are eh, and the models are kinda creepy, and I tried to explode EXPLOSIVE barrels (it takes a while with smaller guns, which is fine but also pretty annoying in some instances), and music is loud. with all of that out of the way, sounds are nice. walking, reloading, shooting, ect... the camera view is cool when you shoot objects from far away. overall the game has cool aspects and I will look forward to this getting better in future. this was also a kinda cool experience so thank you.

So, check out the more recent version Weapons Simulator 2 ;)

ps: You can disable music or adjust the volume simply by going into the settings menu

thanks! i will

Quando abro o jogo a tela de mudar graficos, inputs e iniciar o game é maior que minha tela e não consigo diminuir a tab fazendo com que eu não consiga jogar o jogo parabens pela sua inteligencia 

Muda a resolução do seu desktop p/acessar o jogo e altera as configurações no menu. Depois é só sair e entrar de novo. Se for windows pode executar com modo de compatibilidade em 640x480 p/conseguir forçar tudo caber na tela.

Eu não faço idea de como faz isso mais obrigado por responder carinhosamente meu comentario quando fiz ele tava meio bravo com umas coisas que aconteceram antes de eu baixar o jogo


So far, its a great game. But i think you should add more "maps" weapon attachments, RELOAD ANIMATIONS, and graphical improvements.


Pretty well done, could do with some graphical improvements though.